Go Scavenger Hunt has created a range of free public activities on behalf of tourism bodies and local councils. These include the following:

Torquay Public Game: (Closed) The starting point for this game is at the Northern end of Torquay Common and players will explore Spring Creek and the beaches of Jan Juc and Torquay. Congratulations to Missy Dogs (382 points) for scoring the most points. Awesome Tracks and Headlomaniacs came in second and third respectively.

Central Geelong Challenge: This is a school holiday game designed for families. Discover some of the secrets of Victoria’s second largest city. The winter holidays game is now closed and the gift voucher prize has been award. A new adventure will be launched for the Spring School Holidays.

Geelong Street Art Game: Melbourne isn’t the only city in Victoria with fabulous street art. Take a deep dive into Geelong’s vibrant street art scene with an activity that tells you the stories behind the artwork of Central Geelong. This activity will go online in September.

Surf Coast Walk: Go Scavenger Hunt is creating three virtual guided tours for the Surf Coast Walk. Day 1 is from Point Impossible to Torquay. Day 2 is Torquay to Anglesea and Day 3 is Anglesea to Fairhaven. The virtual guide is free to people staying at GORC Caravan Parks in Torquay and Anglesea

Game code is pending.

If you would like a public game at your hotel, caravan park, tourist town, ski resort, or venue, see this page for more information or contact Go Scavenger Hunt for a quote.