Why choose Go Scavenger Hunt?

We are an Australian based company that creates genuinely local events, with location-specific challenges. We visit and update all our courses regularly, and don’t just drop in generic tasks from an overseas office.

How long do games last?

We recommend between 90 minutes and 3 hours. The bigger the group and the more modes of transport used, the longer the game.

What is a full service event?

Full service events involve our staff running the event on the day and providing everything you need. Games our customised and played on our iPads. Recommended for big groups.

What is a remote service event?

Players use their own iPads and we run the games from our office. This involves video calls for the debrief and presentation and all the photo and video submissions being scored by our staff. Perfect for small groups.

What is a no-service event?

We send teams a hyperlink to the app and their game. Game play is scored automatically and the briefing is embedded in the first task.

How do we access games?

Full services programs have games pre-loaded into our iPads. It’s just a matter of taking a team selfie, giving yourselves a team name and then playing. Remote service and no-service games are accessed via Hyperlink or QR Code.

How can games be customised?

Our software is incredibly flexible and we can add company logos and background images to games. We can also incorporate company specific tasks into games, and start and finish anywhere.

Can games be played inside?

Yes, We can create indoor maps for museums, stadiums, country estates, etc

What type of transport can be used?

Most games are played on foot, but we can create games that use sailing boats, harbour taxis, golf carts, and even have helicopter or Harley Davison challenges. The software also allows us to create high tech car rallies.

What happens if it rains on event day?

If it’s a little damp, we can release an indoor map that keeps the game going during showers. If the weather is horrendous we have indoor contingency activities for full service events. We can also change the game date for remote or no-service games if your schedule allows.

Can games start and finish anywhere?

Customised games can start and finish anywhere. Our other games typically finish at a centrally located pub or cafe.

Can we get copies of photos and videos teams submitted during our game?

Yes. We send you a link to all the submissions which allows players to download any or all of the photos and videos.

Can I try before I buy?

Of Course. Click the following link to download our app. When this is finished, you will be taken directly to a Melbourne-base DEMO game. It’s in DEMO mode and you can simulate passing through GPS hotspots by clicking icons on the game screen.

Can you set up a point-to-point race?

Yes no problem.



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