Let’s be honest.

Hens and bucks days or weekends can go pear-shaped, and scientific research proves alcohol is the root cause of 99.998% of Hens / Bucks disasters.

Now we aren’t wowsers, but a well-planned scavenger hunt / pub crawl can reduce the chances of an arrest or hospital visit by 79.85%.

We can also arrange your entire day, from transport to activities, meals, accommodation and more, making things 89.724% less stressful on the best man or bridesmaid, and increasing the fun for your group by a whopping 98.97%.

Let’s chat on 0437745874 or email go@goscavengerhunt.com.au to get the conversation started.

Go Scavenger Hunt has just launched a Geelong Street Art Challenge for the spring school holidays. If you are in Geelong, head to the Cunningham Pier and click the following link on your phone to access the game. https://wildgoose.app.link/oTh8JtCaV9

When Go Scavenger Hunt creates a game or virtual guide, we usually finish with a feedback task to get a better understanding of our guests. This feedback allows us to continually improve our product and the statistics give our clients data to judge their return on investment. Here’s a small selection of the statistics from our School Holiday game in Geelong.

Go Scavenger Hunt is creating a range of public games including the following:

  • The Geelong Fitness Challenge which gives sporting clubs a Covid 19-friendly way to get together and train.
  • The Central Geelong Challenge is a school holiday program for families.
  • The Geelong Street Art activity is a deep dive into the Street Art Scene in Victoria’s second biggest city.
  • We are also creating a virtual tour guide for the Surf Coast Walk.

For more information about these activities and access codes to the games, just click the link.

Today we launched The Geelong Fitness Challenge to find the fittest athletes in the region. The game is:

  • 75 minutes long
  • free
  • open until June 17.
  • Starting point is Cunningham Pier
  • has 30 GPS hotspots in total released in 3 waves.
  • Athletes can visit them in any order they want.
  • Questions are really easy so the game rewards endurance and planning.
  • Play anytime you want as individuals or with your team mates.
  • Need to bring a fully charged mobile phone.
  • Good for your mental health.

To access the game click the following link on your mobile phone at the starting point.


or Download the Wildgoose  App and then scan the following QR code.

With the relaxation of distancing rules, we delivered our first event in Torquay for ten people.

Five teams of two chased down GPS points and scan tasks around the beautiful beaches and river in Torquay and Jan Juc. It was a battle of the generations with teams of parents taking on the kids teams.

At the end of the 90 minutes, the kids just took out the top prize with 320 points.

Here’s the feedback from one of the guests.

“This is so awesome & I would highly recommend it to all local families & friends as a fantastic “social distancing friendly” activity to do! We did it over the weekend & we all, (including the teenagers), loved it! (There’s nothing like some healthy kids vs parents competitiveness!😉) Not only was it challenging & great fun, it was also an awesome way to get out for some exercise & fresh air! Definitely give it a go!!!”


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